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Flat Stomach Compression Board

Flat Stomach Compression Board

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The Flat Stomach Compression Board is the perfect complement to your post-surgical garment. This board will assist in flattening the abdominal skin after liposuction, providing compression and aiding the healing process. With gentle compression, this Flat Stomach Lipo Compression Board will help the skin to heal and reattach, prevent the pooling of fluids in the abdominal area and liquid retention.   Features & Benefits: After surgery, your abdomen will receive relief and comfort. Sturdy materials to avoid skin folds. Rectangle design for greater ab coverage. Fast-drying tech and antibacterial fabric to reduce the risk of infections and B.O. Hypoallergenic cotton lining to feel fresh all day long. For post-surgical or everyday use Adapts perfectly to your figure. Touch fasteners for an easy fit.

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