Here at J’mone', we are the ultimate solution for all of your post-op and fitness needs. Using our innovative performance fabrics and advanced compression technology, made with breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying fabrics, our Shapewear and waistbands prevent chafing and discomfort. designed to provide maximum support and comfort using targeted compression to your midsection, which helps you get that hourglass figure you desire. At J'mone', we strive to provide our customers with the best products possible. Try our Fajas and waistbands now and experience the difference our signature technologies can make in your world.
Firmflex™ Technology- latex waist trainers
Introducing our Firmflex™ high-performance compression technology that uses a combination of woven latex and curved metal rods for unparalleled support and comfort. The unique design creates excess warmth in targeted areas, promoting increased sweating and helping to rid the body of excess water weight and toxins. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and healthcare professionals, it improves circulation, reduces muscle fatigue and soreness, and aids in recovery and weight loss. Experience the ultimate in compression technology and take your fitness and healthcare to the next level with our innovative product.
Sculptsleek™ Technology – faja fabric name
Introducing our Sculptsleek™ Shapewear, the must-have solution for shaping and toning your lower abdomen area. Crafted from ultra-breathable and comfortable materials, it's perfect for daily wear under any clothing. Its three-layer woven technology and specially designed high compression hold provide a smooth and seamless look without any visible lines. With regular use, Sculptsleek™ Shapewear may help you achieve up to two dress sizes reduction. Achieve your desired shape and appearance with the comfortable and versatile Sculptsleek™ Shapewear.
Flexiflex™ Technology- Athleticwear and stretch waist trainers
Experience the ultimate in comfort and support with Hause of J'mone's Flexiflex™ Material. Engineered with cooling fibers, this fabric feels like it's barely there and is perfect for all-day wear. The light cotton-soft material is supportive and allows for a range of motion. With its woven technology, it contours and carves out every curve in your body, creating a flattering and smooth silhouette. Make Flexiflex™ Material your new closet staple with Hause of J'mone.