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Joseph Mone'

Welcome to J'mone', where fashion and functionality unite to empower women of all sizes. Founded in 2017 by Krystle Hawkins, J'mone' is more than a brand; it's a celebration of love, family, and business. We understand the dynamic lives of today's women, especially mothers. Our shapewear and activewear are designed to support and empower you in all aspects of life, from daily tasks to workouts. Inclusivity is our priority, and our collections cater to diverse body shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for every woman. Combining quality craftsmanship with trendy designs, our products enhance your natural curves and keep you stylish at the gym. Join the J'mone' community, where we celebrate womanhood together. Discover the confidence that comes from wearing shapewear and activewear that truly understands you. Thank you for choosing J'mone' as your trusted brand. We look forward to being a part of your everyday journey.

"Discover the perfect fit at J'mone', where style, comfort, and confidence come together."

Our Founder's Vision

K. Hawk

Krystle Hawkins, the heart and soul behind J'mone', created this brand as a tribute to her two greatest loves, Joseph and Nia Mone', her beloved children. She believes that women should never have to compromise between comfort, style, and self-confidence.

J'mone' isn't just a brand; it's a movement!

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